SPEED.SALE Real Estate

Customer Partnership

We are committed into building the best CRM sales system for Real Estate businesses using our SPEED.SALE knowledge and experience.

If you don't know what SPEED.SALE is please take a look at our homepage.

SPEED.SALE Real Estate in an additional App that is installed into SPEED.SALE adding special features to the core system such as new fields, new reports and new automations.

SPEED.SALE Real Estate is currently into a Beta Phase and not available to the general public.

We are selecting 20 companies or individuals to test our system and to actively participate in its design, implementation and testing. We are aiming to build the best state-of-the-art CRM system for the Real Estate business area.

Do you want to join our Beta Phase? It is simple, easy and free to enroll. You just need to to the following steps: