Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a CRM in Your Business

Don't just manage quotations. Manage your relation with your potential customers

Many businesses are using a CRM system to boost their sales. Are you?

A CRM is a system that manages sales, marketing and customer service activities.

According to Paul Greenberg (CRM Tought Leader) a Customer Relationship Management System is "a technology or system that supports sales, marketing and customer care activities. It is designed to retain and interpret data (...) and it automates processes and helps businesses maintain its customers engaged, in a more efficient way".

Most businesses have adopted this kind of systems. If you haven't done it yet, bellow are 10 reasons why you should:

1 - Customer Satisfaction - you can have a 360° view of your customer information, contacts, leads, tasks, events, notes, documents, etc. This data can be accessed anywhere and on-demand. this way you can have happier and loyal customers;

2 - Automate Tasks - sales management always takes some time, especially if you have to think and do everything manually in multiple software systems, paper notes and different schedulers. Automating manual processes you end up with everything more organized, systematized and therefor easier to find. In the end you save a lot of time and as the saying goes: "time is money!";

3 - Sales Funnel Optimization - it is possible to optimize the steps that the sales process takes to convert a potential customer into a buying customer;

4 - Customer Management Metrics (KPIs) - with a good CRM you can get measurable metrics based on facts that help you make informed decisions. Without them you can hardly manage your business with certainty to guarantee its growth;

5 - Repetition - consistency is the key aspect of your relation with your potential customers. Through process automation and logging you guarantee that your service quality level stays on top, you are more focused and as a positive consequence your customer feels that he or she is very important to you. It also gives your potential customers the feeling that you are a very organized and rigorous business;

6 - Open communication between teams - It is not always easy to manage sales teams but with the help of SpeedSales you can increase healthy competition between teams, giving them access to the sales funnel of each other. This more open communication helps avoid repeat contacts by generating more open communication, which can lead to increased sales;

7 - Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns - thanks to the reports that SpeedSales offers about customers, it becomes easier to target them in order to make campaigns specific to each group. In addition to making campaigns more efficient, it can help save on campaign costs by reducing risk and increasing return on investment;

8 - Empower mobility - "work is no longer a place" and with a good CRM solution we can have all the information together and accessible from any device, anywhere and anytime;

9 - Able to predict the future - all businesses like to predict, even if not 100%, how much they will earn with a customer. With the SpeedSales sales funnel, by filling out the opportunity form, you can place the potential gain and its percentage, which increases as you progress through the funnel;

10 - Selling more and better - By consistently and consistently tracking all potential customers, they are more likely to become effective customers and to buy and recommend their products.

And now that you've seen this Top 10, do you still think you don't need SpeedSales to improve your CRM?

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