Tips | 8 Tips to Optimize Your Newsletters

Send Engaging Newsletters

Newsletters are a part of most companies' marketing communication strategy.

To get good results with your newsletters you have to optimize it, taking into account what your customers are interested in as well as your business' goals.

E-mail marketing have been changing and to stand out in the recipient's inbox and make him or her open it you need to build engaging newsletters.

Here are some tips:

  • Test different versions - it is very hard gets it right the first time! You can change small things and measure its impact. Changes such as the subject, the recipient, the layout and the content. When you have a final or pre-final version you can still make small variations of it using A/B testing, where you make two final versions of your newsletter and send each version to half of the recipient's list. Then measure which version had best results;

  • Segment your recipients - You don't have to send the same info to all of your newsletter recipient. By segmenting them you get a better chance of your emails being opened and your e-mail not being registered as SPAM. You also engage better with your recipients by targeting them with their interests and not a generalist newsletter;

  • Creative titles / subjects - You should use subjects that describe the newsletter to induce the recipient to open the e-mail. The more appealing and different the subjects, the better results you will get. Words such as "free", "alert", "news", "daily", "weekly", "new", "video" and "sale" tend to generate good results. The name of the company in the title, some elements with a sens or urgency or a call-to-action in the form of a question also generate good results;

  • Avoid repeating subjects - Even if the e-mail content is different, people tend to be not open what they think they already know;

  • Simple content - Your offer and benefits should be passed through a very simple message. Text with paragraphs, bullet points and images tend to make the content lighter and easier to read;

  • Personalize content - To avoid having your e-mails marked as SPAM automatically your should personalize your newsletter. You can do this simply by adding the recipient's name, or other data from the recipient. This way you make sure that every e-mail is different;

  • Call-to-action - Each e-mail should have a clear call-to-action that you want your recipients to make. That is why the e-mail content should have a clear call-to-action button with a direct link to where you want your recipients to go to. This button should be located in the top of the e-mail so that it is visible without having to scroll down;

  • Mobile-friendly - 48% of e-mails are opened in mobile devices and 69% of those e-mails are deleted because they are not mobile-friendly. To optimize your content for mobile devices, all images, buttons and links should have, at least, 45 pixels and should have enough space between them to prevent clicking in the wrong links.

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