Tips | 7 Tips to Manage Multiple Pages in Social Networks

Make your social media pages stand out

Managing several pages in social networks may seem tricky and complicated. Fortunately we have several tips to make your work easier.

Here is a list of 7 tips to make your social pages more efficient:

  • Schedule your tasks - each business has its events, product launches, creative teams and publishing styles. They don't have their activity happening at the same time. To keep up with everything, schedule your tasks in the multiple companies and the available budget. Schedule the tasks of what you have to do in each page. This way it is easy to keep track of everything you have to do;

  • Use social network management platforms - instead of wasting your time learning how each social network works use platforms that separate what you have to publish over time and in each page. There are several platforms, sites and applications, capable of managing multiple social networks at the same time. You can schedule posts, monitor comments and answer messages without having to log in and out of each page;

  • Schedule your posts in advance - the existing management tools allow you to access a calendar where you can schedule all of your posts. As a good practice your should schedule your posts with 2 weeks in advance. You can schedule more or change existing posts to other dates;

  • Create an image library - posts with images generate more engagement in social networks. To create / choose an image for each post may take a long time. To facilitate this task create 4 or 5 images of each type and store them in a library organized by page and date;

  • Content reuse - In every company's pages there are posts that are not time limited and therefor can be shared several times. This post repetition is good because not only saves you time but it make the same content more visited, and therefor more engaging (everybody likes to see pages with a lot of accesses). If you don't want to make the resharing too obvious you can simply change the associated image or the text that it has;

  • Schedule a day for analysis - Page management isn't just publishing content. You need to analyse it. It is usually not the most motivating task for the social media managers but it is very important because it gives you important factual data regarding the engagement of your posts;

  • Automatize some processes - too much automation may look as if the page is managed by a robot and that its interactions are ignores. But if you automate just enough you can make your work a lot easier. For example automatic messages such as "We cannot reply right now but we will get back with you as soon as possible" or an automatic share of the company's latest post published in the company blog.

These are just some suggestions of what you could do to make your social page management more efficient. If you follow these tips your should have a visible positive result regarding your customer's engagement.

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